Community created,
woman-led change.


Glorious is a nonprofit accelerator for social change. We help exceptional women entrepreneurs secure the economic runway they need to achieve big goals for their communities. 


Glorious supports three powerful women in three countries, who are ensuring better education, health and more for the people in their community.

2 holistic schools

The education provided offers progressive, empowering experiences that offer pathways to higher education and self-actualization.

1 maternal center

We are committed to the future of Suubi Health Center in rural Uganda, which provides a place for safe births, vaccinations and more.

45+ Years experience

Glorious supports the true leaders and sources of knowledge in their community.


Ingrid Villaseñor

The child of activists and peace makers in Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan region, Ingrid is a powerful advocate for the women and children in her community.


From helping a few kids, to a thriving school rated top in her region, Alice stops at nothing to ensure the kids of her community have access to a better tomorrow.


The matriarch of a powerhouse family, Teopista has inspired us all to help ensure women and children get lasting, quality healthcare in rural Uganda.