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Hannah Ames Beavers

Hannah grew up moving all around, and spent time living in Moscow, Russia, Houston, TX, Anchorage, AK,  Boston, MA, Hong Kong, London, UK, Atlanta, GA, The Netherlands, and Arusha, Tanzania. She graduated from Boston College where she studied Finance, Operations and Russian. After college, she traveled to Tanzania where she met Alice and Julius and later started Glorious to support the amazing work they had committed their lives to serving orphans, widows and the community they live in. Hannah spent 4 1/2 years working with GE Energy in Finance and left in 2014 to run Glorious full time. She now lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband. Hannah is also Director of Strategy and Development for Mama Hope



Richard Ames

Richard Ames received BS and MS Degrees in Geology from Duke University and The University of Georgia respectively. Through the 1980s and 90s, he served in a variety of exploration and production roles for Amoco and BP in the US and internationally, working in New Orleans, Houston, The Hague, Moscow and Alaska. In 2002, Richard returned to Moscow and was appointed Vice President and CIO of Sidanco. After the merger of BP and TNK’s assets in Russia, he was appointed Vice President and CIO of TNK-BP in 2003.  Richard returned to live in the US in 2011 and founded Castine Consulting Company. In addition to serving as Director and Treasurer of Glorious, he is also a Director of Iona Energy Inc. and the Kiawah Conservancy. 

Eileen White

Eileen White is originally from Worcester, MA and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business from UMass Amherst and Master’s in Quality Systems from Anna Maria College.  Eileen is currently working at GE Energy Management as an IT Director, and has broad expertise with systems implementations, process improvement and business operations management.    She has also worked in various industries, ranging from Healthcare, Financial Services and Energy.   While at GE, Eileen met Hannah and was instantly inspired to support the Glorious mission and team.

Eileen is married, has 2 girls, 2 pugs, a bulldog, and resides in Georgia.


Katie Carey

Katie Carey is from Boston, MA, yet spent a great deal of her childhood moving around the country. She is the co-founder of Glorious and joined this community after connecting with fellow Boston College classmate, Hannah Beavers, in 2010. She subsequently moved over to Tanzania to work alongside Alice. After working at The Coca-Cola Company for 3 years managing strategic NGO partnerships, Katie left to join Glorious full-time and has since been leading the organization's expansion into Guatemala. Coming from a family built through adoption, she is passionate about creating a world where each child is provided with the resources and opportunities to pursue his or her dreams.  Katie is also Director of Global Partnerships for Mama Hope

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Shefa Jashanmal

Of Indian origin, Shefa grew up in Abu Dhabi, and went on to study and work in the US and Europe. Shefa graduated from New York University with a BS in Sociology and later completed her MBA in Madrid in 2006.  She held various marketing and business development roles within the healthcare and industrial sectors. She became involved with the sponsorship program at Glorious in 2012 and after visiting Glorious and meeting the children in 2014, she was inspired to become part of the team. Shefa is an avid traveler, and takes a special interest in healthcare and philosophy. 

Lujan Mourad

Lujan Mourad is Syrian, born and raised in the United Arab Emirates. She got her BS in IT in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. She currently manages projects in social entrepreneurship for the Emirates Foundation, an Abu Dhabi-based venture philanthropy. Lujan first volunteered at Glorious in November 2010 and fell in love with the children. Since then she has joined the team building the sponsorship program and contributing towards financial growth. Lujan speaks English, Arabic and Turkish. She is a scuba diver and spends many weekends underwater in the Gulf of Oman or Arabian Gulf.


James V. [Jim] Sullivan

Jim was born and educated in Boston Massachusetts earning a BS in Chemical Engineering from Northeastern University.  He spent over 40 years in the international chemicals, plastics and rubber industries mostly in sales, marketing, business development and general management with Dupont, Celanese, Hoechst AG and 3M Corporations.

Jim is married to Susan with two children and four grandchildren.   He has lived in New York, Delaware, South Carolina, Germany, New Jersey and Minnesota before retiring back to South Carolina in 2010.

He has volunteered over many years in youth sports, community associations, town government and environmental organizations; and after now contributing financially for several years to Glorious looks forward to more actively helping it prosper and grow.

Our Tanzanian Team

Alice Mathew

Alice Mathew, is the founder of Glorious Orphans Care, a Tanzanian NGO that acts as a primary school and orphans center for children living in her community. In her early 20's Alice started volunteering with the organization Care International. She traveled around the city of Arusha to help families suffering from HIV and AIDS. Alice recognized the dire need in her community to protect and educate the children, once their parents or guardians passed away. On her own initiative, Alice took on the responsibility to begin an Orphanage school to teach and feed the orphans in her surrounding community. Next to their unfinished house, Alice and her husband Julius set aside their own land, as the site of Glorious Orphanage. With their own money, they began to provide a meal for the children once a week, and registered their work with the Tanzanian government under the name of Glorious Orphans Care. Glorious partners with Alice's organization, to help her to empower her community. Alice and Julius have four children, Monica, Hosea, Amos, and Dorcas


Julius Shuma

Julius Shuma is Alice's husband, and together with Alice, Julius runs Glorious Orphans Care. Julius also oversees the all of the construction and farming projects for Glorious. His hard work and dedication has been critical to the success of the project. He has a radiant smile and a contagious laugh. When we started working with Julius he was shy and didn't speak any English. Today he speaks English very well and very much enjoys practicing his English with visitors. 

Our US Team


Hannah Ames

Founder & Executive Director


Katie Carey

Co-Founder & President

Elizabeth MacDonald



Richard Ames