Long Term Sustainability of Glorious!

To all of our supporters,

Thank you for joining us on our journey to ensure every child’s right to an education and every person’s right to a comfortable living. We are so grateful to have your support, and it is through your contribution that we are able to continue to do what we do!

As you all know, our sponsorship program is integral to supporting the day to day expenses at our school, and we rely on this money to support our children. However, we are considering other alternatives to promote the longer term sustainability of Glorious. We believe it is important for Alice and Julius (who run Glorious in Tanzania) to generate their own income instead of being wholly reliant on us to provide for them. Alice and Julius are fully on board, and excited to take on more financial ownership of their project. 

That being said, we will..

1) Begin growing our own food, instead of buying it 
2) Look for alternative ways to pay salaries for our teachers and staff 
3) Invest in local capital generating business that will support our school 
4) Restructure our tuition model to have parents/guardians pay what they can to attend our school 

This transition will not happen overnight, but our plan is to roll it out slowly over the next few years. Ultimately, the children and the adults involved will all be better off if the school is sustainable.

As we make this transition, we would like to ask you to work with us as we explore alternative ways of funding our children's education. We still need your financial support and very much rely on it to run our school, but will ask if you are able to help us contribute to our new school campus or, more generally, to teachers and food.

This new school campus will attract new students who can afford to pay a reasonable monthly tuition for our school. We will balance the number of paying students with non-paying students to meet our monthly budget requirements. The sooner we can get the school opened, the sooner our school will be self-sufficient.

Together, we hope to create a brighter future for our partners and families at Glorious! Thank you for all that you do!