Apply to be a Global Advocate this fall!


Glorious is joining forces with Mama Hope to change the face of global development. 

Mama Hope is a nonprofit that trains impact entrepreneurs from around the world to partner with visionary leaders in rural African communities. In partnership, they fund and build community-identified sustainable projects using 100% local resources. To date, they have completed 50 projects that have created access to health care, education, food security and clean water for over 150,000 people in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ghana.

The Global Advocate Fellowship was launched by Mama Hope in 2011. Since then, they’ve trained 40 impact entrepreneurs who have raised over $1 million to fund life changing projects that empower thousands worldwide and disrupt the cycle of poverty. Glorious is incredibly excited to be training Global Advocates alongside Mama Hope to maximize the impact that these social entrepreneurs will be making. 

Who are the Global Advocates?  The next generation of Global Change Makers! Recent college graduates or masters students, those looking for a career transition, those with a desire to impact the world, innovative risk takers, entrepreneurial spirits, the list goes on!

What do they do? Participate in a 9-month program built around three phases: (1) U.S. Training, Fundraising, and Project Design, (2) In-Country Field Experience and Project Execution, and (3) U.S. Program Management, Evaluation, and Reporting  

Glorious and Mama Hope are NOW accepting applications for Class 9 of the Global Advocates. We are looking for individuals who want to make a difference and radically shift the non-profit & international development spheres!

Applications are due September 24!

Visit: for more info and to apply, and watch our video here: