A Glorious 2015 Year in Review

Thank you for our biggest, most Glorious year yet.

Thank you so much for your support throughout 2015 - here are just a few highlights & ways you've helped to create impact!

Tanzania Impact: Education, Microfinance and Beyond

We also completed:

  • Our Second Campus: Administrative Building + 3 classrooms, Guard House, Security Wall, Bathrooms/Plumbing, Clean Water & Agricultural Projects
  • Purchase of an orphans dormitory for 15 orphaned Glorious children
  • Adult education programs that train the parents/guardians of our kids in Reading and Writing, English, Permaculture Farming, and HIV/AIDS Awareness

Expansion into Guatemala: Holistic Education Program

Because our vision is to partner with leaders like Alice to create sustainable communities, we have established our newest partnership in Panajachel, Guatemala. 

Glorious' Katie Carey first met Ingrid Villaseñor, the founder of El Árbol del Niño & our newest partner in Guatemala, in 2012. At the time, they were working for a non-profit serving rural communities and building schools in Guatemala. Katie was incredibly moved by Ingrid's passion to serve her community and recognized how similar the visions of Alice and Ingrid were. Ingrid's organization is a holistic education center that focuses on leadership development for children in elementary school.

Katrina Christensen, our first Global Advocate to travel to Central America, is helping us to set up our efforts on the ground that will support Ingrid's programs. While all donations made to Glorious go directly towards our projects in Tanzania, at this stage, funding for El Árbol del Niño is raised solely by the Global Advocate Fellows.

Meet our 2015 Global Advocate Fellows

These incredible women, our 2015 Global Advocate Fellows, have already raised over $60,000 for Glorious' projects. Check out their stories and campaigns:

  • Brandie Heinel: Raised funding for second campus water project & returns to Glorious this month
  • Nicole Woods: Raising funding for school bus & is currently in Tanzania through February 2016 
  • Katrina Christenson: Raising funding for farming projects & a park connected to the center. She is currently in Guatemala through Feb. 2016  
  • Katie Remy: Raising funding for sustainability projects and the expansion of our microfinance program. She is traveling to Tanzania in Feb. 2016.

We are also recruiting for our January, May and October 2016 Global Advocate Fellowship classes. Click here for more information.

Boston College Partnership

Hannah Beavers and Katie Carey, Glorious co-founders and BC alum, are so grateful for the outpouring of support this year. They are also excited to share that they recently received a $75K grant from Boston College to grow the Global Advocate Fellowship and their impact in 2016!

Fundraising Goals

We are just $6,000 away from reaching our $250,000 fundraising goal for 2015!

Please help us get there while spreading holiday cheer! Below are some of our priority projects and how to get involved:

  • Sponsorship of Education - $365/year: includes uniform, year round schooling, 2 daily meals, on-site medical care for a child
  • Microloan for a woman - $500
  • Sustainability of our orphan's home - $3,000
  • Construction of a school store - $5,000
  • Computer lab - $7,500
  • School Bus - $10,000

Thank you so much to our Glorious community - and to Alice & Ingrid and the communities around the world that inspire us everyday!