Juma's first steps

Juma Issa is one of our favorite and little students. His story is a testimony of how a few people’s generosity can change the life of someone forever.

Juma is a bright seven year-old with a big smile. He lives with his parents and his younger sister in a small rented room that does not have much space for the four occupants. Juma struggles with a condition known as hydrocephalus which together with birth complications, caused the left side of his body to not function well. When he first started at Glorious Juma was unable to walk without a lot of assistance. He watched the other the other children play during recess from a small wooden chair, which was moved from place to place so that Juma could be involved with whatever was going on. Despite his condition, Juma watched the other kids joyfully from this little seat that was made especially for him.

With the help of several volunteers, Juma was able to get multiple sets of leg braces. These braces, along with a wooden walker, have helped Juma slowly overcome his disability. Juma now runs around during recess playing hop scotch and chasing his friends. He is no longer in need of his little wooden chair. Without people like you, Juma would not be where he is today.

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