Opening the Doors of Opportunity

We believe that everyone deserves a better chance at life, no matter how young or how old they are.

Eliwangu has a bright smile and spirit. Her joy is visible to all by the love she shows to others, and the tears of happiness she sheds when she gives thanks.  Eliwangu is a gracious 60 year old widow, a mother of six, and the legal guardian to her youngest grandson. Jonas, now 8 years old, studies at Glorious. 

Her husband was a tailor in town and had also bought 13 small mud houses nearby so that they could rent them out to people.  After her husband passed away she found it very difficult to keep up with the houses, and collect rent from the people living there. The houses are now in unlivable conditions. Eliwangu applied to our micro-loan program and was granted a loan toimprove the condition of the houses so that she can begin renting them out to people. She will also hire someone to keep up with the rent collection. The day after she received her loan, she already had someone at work refurbishing one of the rooms to be rented. We cannot wait to see how much progress she makes over the next few months!

This is Eliwangu and her grandson, Jonas

This is Eliwangu and her grandson, Jonas