Ester and Grace are finally home

These sweet girls lost both of their parents and their baby sister a few years ago. They were living with their siblings in a village about a day's drive from Arusha. Their older sister Joyce, found work at an orphanage in Arusha, and sent for her sisters , hopeful that they would be taken care of. This orphanage lost funding, and they showed up at Glorious with the hope that they could study and live in foster care here.

With your help, we were able to take them in, to provide them with an education, daily meals and purchase bunk-beds for them so that they could live at our foster home.

Grace loves Alice's baby, Dorcas and when not at school,  Grace spends most of her time playing with baby Dorcas. Both girls are so happy to be living at our foster house, they were so excited that they had their own cozy beds and we are so thankful to our supporters for making this happen!

Ester (left) and Grace (right) sitting on their new bunk-bed

Hannah Ames